Ivan Stein's Body of Work

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This Body of Work represents Ivan's efforts since 2008 and reflects his commitment and personal mission to share his knowledge and wisdom with others. These works were created as Ivan's interests allowed him to see and understand the world in a new perspective and were created simply to share what he has learned. It was only recently that he began to realize a possible bigger picture of what he had been working on and possibly why. His body of work is provided here to connect with others who share similar interests and who may have expertise in areas that can help package and utilize these works for mass media appeal.

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Books (Total Word Count = 380,000)

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# 1) Title TBD: How To Break Control Dramas

# 2) Title TBD: The Art of Self-Realization

# 3) Title TBD: How to Evaluate and Choose a Community

# 4) Title TBD: Answers to Life's Challenging Questions

# 5) Title TBD: Quotes To Inspire Your Journey

# 6) Title TBD: A Model for Sustainable Community Design

# 7) Title TBD: Balanced View on Consciousness and Science

# 8) Sustainable Living Encyclopedia (Proposed)

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# 1) Personal Website (ivanstein.com)

# 2) Sustainable Living Academy

# 3) Project TriStar

# 4) Timeline To The Future

# 5) Alkaline For Optimal Health

# 6) Angel Gathering

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Other Media

Ivan Stein Other Media Development Work - Audio, Video, DVD, Radio, Reality TV, Documentary, Seminars, YouTube, FaceBook, Social Networking, Viral Video, Media Marketing

# 1) A Path To Self-Realization DVD/CD

# 2) Realms of Reality Radio Show

# 3) YouTube & Video Upload Channels

# 4) Timeline To 2012 Presentation

# 5) Social Network Profiles, Groups & Pages

# 6) Sustainable Reality TV Show

# 7) Wordpress Blogs

# 8) Nat Geo Documentary Appearance

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Click Here for Ivan's Body of Work in PDF format.