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Hello and welcome to my website where I share personal information about my life, my spiritual beliefs, life travels along with a variety of non-profit and business organizations; books, websites and other media endeavors; and my personal services. Throughout this website, you will see that my life is literally an open book with many chapters still to be written. I believe such transparency is a necessary step in our quest to express our truth (as we know it), break down our attachment to separateness, open to our desire for unity under common purpose and co-create the future we choose to live in. I sincerely hope this website will help you and me get one step closer to this objective. Please feel free to browse, comment or suggest as you are inspired to do so.

This website reflects my perpetual desire to connect with like-minded people and those who are inspired enough by my efforts to consider combining our skills and knowledge to co-create a better world and brighter future. I hope this website inspires others to express their own interests and passions and to elevate their personal mission to a higher level.

MY MISSION: to help free the human spirit and propel consciousness forward by providing grounded and balanced information that elevates awareness and understanding.

I've been told that being a one degree Capricorn might have something to do with my ability to assert myself throughout my life. I believe that we choose our parents and between their imprint and my life experiences, I seem to have found a path that I can call home. My friends sometimes refer to me as the Energizer Bunny because I always seem to have energy to start new projects, take on new risks and pick myself up and start over if they don't work out. I have been an entrepreneur, pioneer and adventurer in both my personal and business endeavors. I generally have so many ideas that I must park some of them in idle until I find the opportunity to commit myself fully to the task.

My business related experiences may best be described as assertive with a hint of overachiever and a dash of grounded realism! My road to entrepreneurial and business endeavors started early with a newspaper route at age 10, my first business at 18, a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and designing aircraft computers at 25, participating in 12 start-up companies through my 30's and 40's, making and losing my first $1 million, creating numerous websites related to my businesses interests and personal passions, creating lectures and videos on my personal interests, and now preparing to take my work to the next level by publishing 6 books (5 of which I have written since 2008).

My personal experiences are equally filled with change, risk and achievements. For starters, I have moved once every 2 years my entire life. Such volatility in my personal and business life has given me the gift to adapt and yes, even embrace change! Throughout my life, I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel the US and even parts of the world. The most notable moments of my personal journey include: living on the beach in S. California from age 9-10, living on a dairy farm in Wisconsin from 12-17, attending university, building 2 homes, getting married and divorced in Connecticut from 20-30, my spiritual awakening, trip to the Egypt and the life altering experiences that followed in S. California from 31-36, gaining financial independence, getting married and divorced for the 2nd time in Utah from 37-48, traveling to Australia, the Mayan ruins in Mexico, and to India while processing through some intense past life karma from 48-51, and now embarking on my latest spiritual and business adventures here in Florida. Needless to say that I'm an adventurer with the ability to handle life's challenges. Even with this list of experiences, I consider myself a simple man with humble needs, noble desires and thankfully, no expectations. I could easily walk the road of a monk, living in a monastery and meditating all day just as I can live in and deal with the challenges of society while working to help others and raise global awareness. Basically, I have learned to cherish the balance between my inner spiritual work with taking conscious actions when I am guided to do so. This website represents one of these moments.

My dedication to Learning From My Experiences has blessed me with the opportunity to realize my life purpose. An experience unlike any other, but one that must be earned and we must be ready to receive like all others. Having such knowledge along with my personal spiritual experiences has changed my life forever. Those who have also realized their own life purpose know that, once received, the knowledge becomes a driving force in everything you do from that moment forward. My life experiences have taught me that with some practical knowledge and skills, we can all learn to teach ourselves how to heal and overcome any obstacle in our lives.

I honor the process that brought you to my website and the crossing of our paths. Whether we make a personal, co-creative, or business connection, I welcome you to review various parts of my work and journey at your leisure.

I wish you great success in your own endeavors and to receive everything the universe has to offer and more!

With Infinite Love and Gratitude!

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