Timeline To The Future

Mission & Vision

MISSION: To present truthful and scientific information regarding historic, current and future changes to the geological, cosmic, and social economic systems. To provide tangible evidence for these potential events with conclusions to help make more informed decisions.

VISION: To increase awareness and understanding of the global geological and social economic challenges that continue to impact our lives. To provide ideas and solutions on how to thrive through these challenging times and events.

Project Overview

Timeline To The Future - Economic Distress - Global Financial Mismanagement Has Created A Ticking Time Bomb

Economic Distress

The current economic conditions in the U.S. and world are certainly no secret to those who are able to see and hear what’s really happening. With the rhetoric from the mass media, you may need to learn how to read between the lines, but there are obvious indicators everywhere that we are nearing a global economic collapse. Many experts in the field of economic projections are stating that current economic patterns are repeating from the time just prior to the great depression of 1929. The governments are trying to convince everyone that this is an unusual economic situation, but one that’s recoverable. This is the same propaganda they are using for the weather and geological anomalies, and if this were any other time in history, we might just believe them. What they don’t want you to know is that "this is a unique time in history that will change our lives forever”. read moreget involved

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Timeline To The Future - Social Unrest - Excessive Consumption And Overpopulation Will Change Society And Lifestyles Forever

Social Unrest

The social economic impacts that lay before us are becoming nothing less than catastrophic on a global scale. These impacts include: critical depletion of natural resources, overpopulation, continued deterioration of global health, worldwide economic depression, exponential increase in commodity prices (inflation), global famine, international tension and eventually martial law. As difficult as this may be to be believe, these social and economic impacts are not occurring by accident. They have been planned quite deliberately and allowed to develop in order to maintain stability and control over the mass population. To many people, this may sound like “shock and awe”, but this information provides an understanding of how and why we have come to this point in history. read moreget involved

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Timeline To The Future - Climate Change - Earth's Climate is in a Flip-Flop And Human's Are Not To Blame

Climate Change

Ice core data samples from drilling sites in the Antarctic show that Earth enters a new ice ages approximately every 100,000 years. At the present time, Earth is at a point that suggests we may be entering a new ice age at any moment. Timeline To The Future asks: "What causes this pattern?" and "Why is no one talking about it?" Research into geological events, archeology and events in our solar system reveals that something very real is happening to Earth, our Sun and our entire solar system. Valid scientific data exists to dispel many accepted theories that are still being taught today and provides an explanation for the global weather changes, melting glaciers and sunken cities under every ocean on the planet. read moreget involved

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Timeline To The Future - Geological Instability - There is Real Science Behind Increases in Volcanic, Earthquake and Tsunami Activity

Geological Instability

Across the planet, we’re observing an increase in earthquake and volcanic activity with a new wave of tsunamis that have devastated many countries. In fact, many volcanoes that have been dormant for ten thousand years are suddenly spewing out gases, ash and lava. We have new volcanoes emerging in several oceans, creating new islands and land masses. Geological timescales indicate that several volcanoes are past due for a major eruption. Valid scientific data exists to dispel many accepted theories on these events and provides an explanation for why these events are increasing in frequency and magnitude. read moreget involved

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Timeline To The Future - Solar Activity - Life on Earth at Risk Due to Changes in Our Solar System

Solar Activity

Scientists have proven the Sun is going through changes today they have never witnessed before. In October 2008, NASA scientists warned that the heliosphere (the protective shield of energy created by the Sun which surrounds our solar system) has weakened by 25 per cent over the past decade and is now at it lowest level since space exploration began in the 1940's. The heliosphere protects Earth from about 90 per cent of the galactic radiation and without it, galactic radiation would make life on Earth impossible by destroying DNA and making the climate uninhabitable. If the heliosphere continues to weaken, scientists fear that Earth could experience major disruptions to power grids, satellites and organic life. read moreget involved

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Timeline To The Future - Ancient History - Scientific Evidence of Earth's Violent Past

Ancient History

There is increasing scientific evidence that Earth's past geological history has been more violent than scientists are willing or allowed to admit. This evidence provides proof that catastrophic events, and not merely eons of time, are responsible for creating the grand canyon, mountain ranges, and the fossil remains of plants and animals. This evidence reveals that Earth's magnetic poles do reverse, that Earth's geographic poles may have shifted and that entire land masses have submerged, emerged, or been inundated by water and catastrophic changes in Earth's crust. The publicized Beresovka mammoth was found frozen in the Siberian ice with fresh grass in both its mouth and stomach indicating the mammoth was grazing in a field as the weather become so cold that it froze almost instantly. read moreget involved

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