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Mission & Vision

MISSION: To create a higher learning university with the most advanced and comprehensive curriculum in the fields of sustainability and sustainable community development. To provide the most highly educated and experienced faculty to teach, nurture and develop graduates into the future leaders of sustainability.

VISION: To provide an educational environment for young minds that prepares them for a career in the field of sustainability; the most important emerging market in human history. To offer a curriculum in sustainability and sustainable community development that is unequaled by any other educational institution.

Project Overview

Ivan Stein - University For Sustainable Living - Necessity


The human race and Earth, like every biological eco-system, must eventually achieve sustainability in order to ensure their mutual existence. Sustainability of the human race on planet Earth is far from being perfected. Between out-of-control global population growth, resource over consumption and the apparent inability to self-govern our habits and addictions, the topic of sustainability will continue to increase in importance each and every year moving forward into our future. In order to ensure the future of humanity, it’s imperative that government and the general population become more educated on how to build, eat, produce energy and govern with fewer resources than we use today. Sustainability is not an option, it’s a necessity! get involved

Ivan Stein - University For Sustainable Living - Opportunity


Many universities level schools around the world now maintain some form of sustainable curriculum. Although these programs and degrees are expanding to meet a growing demand, they are often limited to specific disciplines of sustainability and related degrees. Some programs also rely heavily on the application of technology to accomplish sustainable objectives. The University For Sustainable Living is structured to provide the most comprehensive sustainable education available while utilizing technology-based solutions only when the sustainable benefits outweigh more natural approaches. We offer degrees in every discipline of sustainable application, development and management, making it the premier university for acquiring a sustainable education. get involved

Ivan Stein - University For Sustainable Living - Curriculum


The curriculum for the university is the most comprehensive ever created with disciplines in all areas of sustainability including: Housing, Food Production, Alternative Renewable Energy, Health and Nutrition, Community Development, Lifestyles, Off-Grid Living, Self-Sustainability, Resource Management, Fabrication, Organization and Leadership. Like any university level curriculum, it’s further broken down into different levels of courses devoted to introduction, advanced theory, laboratory and application, and operational management. This curriculum provides the opportunity to offer student to pursue a general or discipline specific educational experience. get involved

Ivan Stein - University For Sustainable Living - Degrees


The university curriculum provides the opportunity for students to pursue degrees of Associate (2yr), Bachelor (4yr) and Masters (6yr) in any one or more of the many sustainable disciplines. Options for Associate degrees include both general with only theoretical studies or discipline specific with required laboratory and practical application courses. All Bachelor and Masters Degrees require hands-on courses in implementation and designed experiments while Masters Degrees require additional coursework in operational team building and management. get involved

Ivan Stein - University For Sustainable Living - Faculty


For the first time in history, we’ve reached a point where there are enough qualified sustainable educators in the world to support the curriculum and faculty requirements for this type of university. The university faculty is made up of those with proven knowledge and expertise in their field of sustainable specialty and with the commitment and passion for making this world a better place for future generations. No stone has been left unturned to amass the greatest administrators, teachers, talent and minds in the field of sustainability. get involved

Ivan Stein - University For Sustainable Living - Graduates


There is one question that is often pondered by youth and adults alike. What emerging industry will provide jobs for this and future generations to come? Given the increasing necessity to become more sustainable, it would appear the answer to this question is “Sustainability”. There is no question that graduates from this university will have the world of opportunity laid before their feet. Even today, sustainable expertise is needed at every level of municipal government and the private sector including: towns, cities and federal, commercial and business, private and civilian, and most especially in new sustainable developments. Graduates are coveted as the most educated and qualified in their field! get involved

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