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Workshops & Seminars provide a forum to introduce new concepts and tools or to expand on existing knowledge. Depending on the topic, these events can be individual or shared processes in a nurturing and mutually supportive environment. They provide a personalized and focused environment for an intensive experience in a specific discipline or teaching. They can run anywhere from 1 hour to multiple day events and some topics may include: Self-Realization, Meditation Mastery and Experiential Processing.

Workshops & Seminars with Ivan Stein - Tools for Elevating Awareness

About My Workshops & Seminars

Through my journey, I have acquired unique practices and techniques that I have shared with others to help them achieve greater inner peace, fulfillment and core freedom. My workshops and seminars provide an opportunity to come together with like-minded people to experience these concepts and tools, develop existing practices to a deeper level or process through your life challenges. They provide a comfortable and supportive environment to test new skills or strengthen your trust in existing skills. For more information about my spiritual teachings, please read my description of Self-Realization or my experience with meditation and life challenges through my Personal Introduction or Biography

Depending on the topic or discipline, these events can be individual or member supported processes. They can be personalized and focused for an intensive experience or open forum allowing for more member interaction and participation. Either way, the events are organized to maximize the experience on both the individual and group levels. Read what other attendees say about my events. Client Testimonials

I provide a variety of FREE and paid events to choose from. FREE events are generally 1 hour in length and are designed to introduce new philosophies and teachings, fine tune existing work or just as a reminder of concepts to keep in the forefront during your daily activities. Paid events can range from 2 hours to multiple days and are designed to develop new or existing teachings, perspective and tools to a much deeper level.

If you would like to participate in one of my workshops or seminars, please check the Events Calendar to view upcoming event dates, descriptions and locations.

With Infinite Love and Gratitude!

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Path To Self-Realization

Path To Self-Realization is a spiritual practice that has been around since the beginning of time and has roots in every culture and every spiritual practice. What I bring is a fresh perspective on how to apply any spiritual knowledge in any moment of your life in order to accelerate your personal growth. Self-Realization is a process that helps you master the most important instruments that you have been given - Your Mind, Body and Spirit. There is no shortage of techniques for doing just that, however, I can assure you that I will fill gaps, provide clarity and perspectives that few offer. The four main parts to this work include: Positive Manifestation, Breaking Control Dramas, Learning From Experiences and Manifesting Your Thoughts. The most important part of this work is learning how to apply spiritual concepts and theories with a practical and effective approach in your every day activities. Click here for Ivan's Event Calendar

Experiential Processing

Processing Experiences is the fastest way to learn what you have come here to earn. It is something that every being on every level of existence must do in order to evolve to an even higher level of consciousness. Yes, we are all doing it now as best we can. These events are designed to help you master the art of experiential learning by understanding what to look for in your experiences, how to process what you find and how to create continuous shifts and ability to attract even more evolved experiences into your life. This work helps you to apply every spiritual concept you have learned into any experience. These workshops are highly interactive with practical exercises that will change your perspective on every future experience in your life. It will open your eyes to a new form of observation and communication that will change your life forever. Event Calendar

Meditation Mastery

Find out how meditation changed Ivan’s life and path forever by showing him the proper pronunciation of his own name, the direction he was supposed to take in his life, and how a crystal necklace began to vibrate over his heart chakra. Find out the experiences you can receive, the places you can travel and the pure sense of inner tranquility that you can gain. Learn the techniques he used to enhance and accelerate his own meditation process and how these same techniques have helped others. Have you ever had difficulty meditating because your mind is too active? Find out how Ivan has helped others experience their first and deepest mediation ever in their first attempt. Gain insights into the process and levels that mediation takes. Learn how to meditate for long periods of time from someone who has proven techniques for meditating up to 10 hours at a time. Ivan will help you develop the techniques and skills to meditate in any opportunity that presents itself. Event Calendar

Sustainability & Community Building

Sustainability & Community Building are opportunities to learn more about both the micro and macro processes involved in becoming more sustainable and creating sustainable community. These events are provided in general context to provide an introduction and also divided into specific areas of discipline to provide practical and hands on guidance. Learn what it means to become sustainable individually, as a family or globally. Learn about the challenges, innovations and practical solutions to virtually any area of sustainable practice. Learn what you can do to get started in your own home or how to plan and organize something larger. Sustainability may be one of the most illusive and misunderstood concept in modern times. Find out why and what you can do to become even more conscious of your impact on those around you, your environment, and our global natural resources. Event Calendar