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A Path To Self-Realization LIVE SEMINAR 4-DVD and 4-CD by Ivan Stein

Multimedia #1

Media title: “A Path to Self-Realization”


b. STATUS: Mastered and production units available

c. VISIBILITY: Amazon and personal website

d. NETWORK: Amazon and social media

e. ACCESS: View Media

f. ACTIONS: This multimedia product could be translated into additional languages, as well as marketed, sold and distributed through additional channels. Contact Ivan

Multimedia #2

Media title: “Realms of Reality”

a. MEDIA TYPE: Radio Talk Show

b. STATUS: Past radio show. Currently off-the-air

c. VISIBILITY: Currently Offline


f. TOPICS: Spirituality, sustainability, community, optimal health, social, geological, and cosmic changes

g. ARCHIVE: Currently 49-hours of recorded shows in DVD quality audio

h. ACTIONS: This multimedia product can be converted into video for a viral video campaign. It can also be translated into additional languages and transcribed for possible use in articles, blogs and books. Both audio and video can be edited into shorter segments for uploading to video channels and posting to blogs and social media sites. Contact Ivan

Ivan Stein Primary Video Upload Channel YouTube Spiritman2012 and Other Upload Accounts

Multimedia #3

Media title: “Spiritman2012”

a. MEDIA TYPE: Video Channels

b. STATUS: Produced and Uploaded over 73 Videos

c. VISIBILITY: over 7,000,000 video views (as of 5/20/17)

d. NETWORK: over 6,000 subscribers (as of 3/10/20)

e. ACCESS: View Media

f. ACTIONS: This multimedia product is one of more than 10 different upload services where Ivan's videos are posted. Videos can be further enhanced with YouTube onscreen features such as text comment boxes, channel subscription and links back to websites. Videos can be translated into additional languages. Other YouTube accounts include: Project TriStar. Contact Ivan

Timeline To 2012 Presentation and Video Production by Ivan Stein

Multimedia #4

Media title: “Timeline To 2012”

a. MEDIA TYPE: 2.5 hours Video Presentation

b. STATUS: Removed from YouTube due to outdated content

c. VISIBILITY: 1,597,000 video views prior to removal

d. NETWORK: YouTube

e. ACCESS: Private access only at this time

f. ACTIONS: This multimedia product is still online, but has been disabled from public access. This video series can be edited through YouTube to remove the outdated content and enabled again for public access while the presentation is revised and a new video is produced. Contact Ivan

Ivan Stein FaceBook Social Media Accounts

Multimedia #5

Media title: “Ivan W. Stein”

a. MEDIA TYPE: Social Media Accounts

d. NETWORK: FaceBook

e. ACCESS: View Media

f. ACTIONS: This multimedia product can be utilized to provide access to various books, websites and other multimedia through friend networks, groups and shopping. Other FaceBook groups and accounts include: Project TriStar, Alkaline Water Depot, Ivan Stein Fan Page, Foundation For Sustainable Living. Contact Ivan

Ivan Stein LinkedIn Business Network Profile

Multimedia #6

Media title: “Ivan W. Stein”

a. MEDIA TYPE: Business Network Profile

d. NETWORK: LinkedIn

e. ACCESS: View Media

f. ACTIONS: This multimedia product can be utilized to network with other professionals in similar fields to the various projects.Contact Ivan

Ivan Stein Sustainable Reality TV Show

Multimedia #7

Media title: “To Be Disclosed”

a. MEDIA TYPE: Sustainable Reality TV Show

b. STATUS: Seeking financing & production team

c. VISIBILITY: Not yet available for public access

d. NETWORK: To Be Determined

e. ACCESS: View Media

f. ACTIONS: This multimedia product has been conceptualized and the show plot and format have been documented. This product can be developed and put into production with adequate financial backing.Contact Ivan

Ivan Stein Documentary Film Media Training For The Apocalypse

Multimedia #8

Media title: “Training for The Apocalypse”

a. MEDIA TYPE: Documentary Film

b. STATUS: Documentary purchased by NatGeo

c. VISIBILITY: Unknown

d. NETWORK: NatGeo


f. ACTIONS: This multimedia product includes participation and guest speaker in the documentary. In this multimedia production, Ivan provides the voice of reason, responsibility and sustainability among a group of survivalists and extremists. The market potential for this media is unknown, however, it is known that Ivan's segment of this production was reduced from its original length prior to US release since Nat Geo was seeking a more sensationalist production value.Contact Ivan

Click Here for Ivan's Body of Work in PDF format.