Ivan's Projects

After 25 years of success in technology businesses, Ivan made his transition into activities that reflect more of his personal interests and life mission. What began as research into his passions and curiosities eventually developed into group discussions, speaking engagements and expressing his knowledge and insights through a variety of websites, unpublished manuscripts, videos, blogs, social networks, interviews, lectures, radio, and other media. These activities are summarized in Ivan's "Body of Work"

In his personal circles, Ivan is known as someone who commits himself entirely to his endeavors with passion and tireless dedication. This is evident from the below list of his current and future projects, his personal development work and his efforts to help others. He is often known for spending hours of his time in individual and group discussions simply because people have asked for his knowledge and insights.

Below is a list on Ivan’s current and future projects for your review. Please visit the project pages and websites for more information. If you would like to get involved in any of these projects, please click on the specific project and complete the contact form.


Sustainable Living Academy - Building A Sustainable Future

Sustainable Living Academy 501(c)(3)

Co-Founder, President and Board Member

Sustainable Living Academy, Inc. is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to help individuals, groups and communities apply more sustainable practices in their daily lives in areas that include: housing, food, energy, health, self-sustainability, and community building. All programs are FREE to the public and include: Sustainable Boot Camp, Community Gardens, Sustainable Training Center and much more. The nonprofit solicits donations through a variety of fund raising venues including online. Participation in these programs can be requested through our website and online request form.read more

University For Sustainable Living - Preparing people to lead us into the future

University For Sustainable Living


The University for Sustainable Living is an educational institution with a mandate to provide the highest quality and most comprehensive theoretical and practical curriculum in the field of sustainability and sustainable community development. Attainable degrees include Associate, Bachelor and Masters Programs with course concentrations in Housing, Food Production, Alternative Renewable Energy, Health and Nutrition, Community Planning, Lifestyles, Off-Grid Living, Self-Sustainability, Resource Management, Fabrication, Organization and Leadership. Both the school and faculty are dedicated to producing graduates that are well equipped to humanities unsustainable existence into a sustainable reality. read more

Project TriStar - Providing A Blueprint for Conscious Sustainable Community Design

Project TriStar Community

Co-Founder and Board Member

Project TriStar is a model for off-the-grid sustainable community based on natural and universal laws and that is being developed to provide a safe, peaceful, spiritual living environment for those who understand the wide range of consequences we may experience in the very near future. Their goal is to provide access to a community that is based on concepts that are revolutionary and evolutionary in the world of future communities, and blueprints for others who are working to create their own community. read more

Alkaline 4 Optimal Health - Providing Sustainable Solutions To The Worlds Health Concerns

Sustainable Reality TV Show

Show Creator

This Sustainable Reality TV Show portrays sustainability with a fun, innovative, and exciting drama on an ever increasing global, cultural and social issue. Those who have read the project outline have expressed overwhelming enthusiasm and belief in its worldwide audience acceptance and market potential. This project is seeking the resources and collaborations that can bring it to market. This project is in the development stage with a written show outline and seeking production partners. read more

Ivan Stein - Foundation For Sustainable Living - Heavenly Farms Organic Food Co-op

Heavenly Farms Organic Food Co-op


Heavenly Farms is an organic food co-op that has a unique approach from most food co-ops where people either pay for a weekly basket of fresh produce or join together to plant and share their harvest. Instead, Heavenly Farms utilizes group buying power to purchase organic produce in bulk directly from the organic wholesalers. This co-op model may be more appealing for those living in areas with short growing cycles, have busy lifestyles or might prefer a more consistent produce selection. This model provides an opportunity to purchase organic produce at a reduced cost and with a high quality than is normally available through the retail food chains. It also provides an opportunity for those on limited budgets and limited time to eat organic rather than non-organic produce. read more

Realms of Reality: Ivan Stein Radio Show Dedicated to Elevating Conscious Awareness on Personal and Global Issues

Realms of Reality Radio Show

Show Creator and Co-Host

The Realms of Reality radio show is devoted to bringing reality back into mainstream media. This show provides listeners with a grounded perspective in reality on topics and commentary that challenge the senses, entertain the mind and provide intelligent and insightful views on some of the most talked about topics in modern times. Over 46 hours of recorded broadcasts are currently available on topics including: spirituality, consciousness, sustainability, community, optimal health, social change, as well as geological and cosmic activity. If you think outside the box, then you're ready for Realms of Reality! read more

TriStar Media Group - Providing Tools and Resources For Elevating Awareness

TriStar Media Group

Founder and President

TriStar Media Group, LLC is responsible for media management and distribution for Ivan's growing number of ongoing works, projects, and interests. The activities of TriStar Media Group include: speaking engagements, lectures, conferences, book publishing, video and DVD production, consulting services, website development and media distribution. These are enhanced by Ivan's dedication and commitment to providing access to his knowledge and insights for those who are seeking greater clarity in their lives and in these times. read more

Path to Self-Realization - Move Beyond Your Challenges By Mastering Your Own Mind

Path to Self-Realization

Visionary and Teacher

A Path to Self-Realization is a refreshing and original perspective on conscious evolution and how universal laws manifest through our experiences. Self-realization is the process that transforms the talk into the walk, knowledge into wisdom and chaos into perfection. People from around the world have found this work to be a profound stepping stone in their personal growth by helping them to see how their thoughts, words and actions are being reflected through their experiences. This is groundbreaking work and is often recognized as a key component in the ability to rapidly shift out of destructive patterns, controlling environments, abusive relationships and the feeling of being overwhelmed by life. read more

Alkaline 4 Optimal Health - Providing Sustainable Solutions To The Worlds Health Concerns

Alkaline For Optimal Health

Co-Founder and President

Alkaline For Optimal Health, LLC (a.k.a. Fresh Water Depot) is dedicated to helping people learn how to achieve optimal health by simple changing what they eat and drink. They provide a wealth of information about the primary causes of illness and disease in the body, what anyone can do to improve their health and lifestyle naturally, along with dietary recommendations that can be customized to each individual. They help people shift from an unsustainable global reliance on prescription medications and the medical establishment to a lifestyle that enables them to achieve optimal health through a greater understanding of how diet affects the human body. read more

Timeline To The Future - Providing a Balanced View on History, Science and Consciousness

Timeline To The Future

Founder and Researcher

Timeline To The Future provides truthful and scientific information on the theoretical and practical science related to natural and man-made events in the past, present and possible future. This site contains over 20 years of research and correlation between data from a variety of disciplines including: geology, archeology, cosmology, physics, ancient records, systemic design and human nature. It attempts to sort through the information overload to provide some rational and sound perspectives on such topics as: social economic change, geological changes, and cosmic influences. Their goal is to awaken people to these realities and to assist them in understanding the possible consequences. read more


Sustainable Community Directory

The Sustainable Community Directory is a web-based application to facilitate introductions and networking between communities and members from around the world. This directory includes a searchable list of communities, a list of community directives and individual profiles for those who wish to contribute or participate in a sustainable community. Communities are required to complete a listing questionnaire about their community and can post other media in the form of photographs and videos to attract potential members, financiers, and contributors. Financiers, contributors, and members are encouraged to complete a personal profile of their interests, skills, and resources for viewing by other members. Members and communities have their own message center and comments area for public and personal correspondence to answer inquiries.

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