Alkaline For Optimal Health

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Mission & Vision

MISSION: To create an information portal that focuses on the importance that water, hydration and an alkaline lifestyle have on achieving and maintaining optimal health. To provide access to dietary guidelines and products that help people realize an alkaline diet and lifestyle is natural and easy.

VISION: To help people realize the importance of consuming a diet higher in alkaline content such as natural, living and raw foods. To provide resources that explain how a healthy diet and lifestyle can slow aging, prevent degenerative disease and increase overall vitality.

Project Overview

Alkaline For Optimal Health - Water Facts - The Importance of Body pH and Hydration

Water Facts

Water truly is the elixir of life. The human body can go for weeks without food, but only a few days without water proving that proper hydration is most important for maintaining health and life itself. Water is essential to regulate body temperature, cushion and protect vital organs, aid in digestion, transport nutrients, deliver oxygen, and remove toxins from your body. At 70% water, the human body can be compared to mountain lake. A lake has a natural pH=6.5, however, if the pH becomes too acid (.i.e. pH=4.2), all life in the lake will die. From microbes to fish to humans, all life requires a balanced pH to survive. Drinking water that is higher alkaline (pH>7) improves nutrient absorption, hydration, detoxification, antioxidants, blood oxygenation, energy levels and tissue health. read moreContact Ivan

Alkaline For Optimal Health - Health Risks - Is Your Water Really Safe to Drink

Health Risks

Water reports are often confusing and do not include over 6,000 toxins that are not currently monitored by any government or municipality. In our quest to produce cheaper food with fertilizers and fuel with fracking, we are polluting water sources with nitrates, phosphates, sulfates, and petrochemicals. Between government negligence, corporate irresponsibility, and natural disasters, we are also seeing unsafe levels of radiation in some drinking waters. These factors and more have lead to a reliance on filtered and bottled water, however, are these really better? 40% of bottled water is nothing more than filtered tap water and 22% of bottled water brands tested in one study to contained contaminants above state health limits. Filtration removes harmful minerals and elements, but it also removes the healthy alkaline minerals producing water that is more acidic. read moreContact Ivan

Alkaline For Optimal Health - Health Facts - What Really Causes Degenerative Diseases

Health Facts

Acid in the body is one of the leading factors in the development of degenerative diseases, diabetes, and even obesity. The greatest impact on physical health is the pH (alkaline or acid) of what we eat and drink. Most fresh fruits and vegetables are alkaline while most cooked and processed foods become acidic when eaten. Consuming food and beverages that are alkaline (pH>7) helps to neutralize acid that builds up from your diet, environment and lifestyle. The human body has seven metabolic processes to maintain a healthy and balanced blood pH. Diets high in acid require the body to use energy to purge acid waste, making less energy available for other life supporting functions such as autoimmunity, cellular repair and blood oxygenation. read moreContact Ivan

Alkaline For Optimal Health - Health Benefits - Find Out The Benefits of an Alkaline Lifestyle

Health Benefits

Free radicals are a constant threat to the human body. Antioxidants purge free radicals and protect cells from aging and disease. Alkaline water is the greatest natural source of antioxidants on the planet making it a first line of defense for a healthy body. Most cases of obesity can be linked directly to an acidic diet. When the body has too much acid, it surrounds the acid with fat to protect vital organs until the body has time to neutralize and process it. An alkaline diet is the most natural and affective form of weight loss. A glass of water before bedtime could prevent a heart attack! When the body becomes dehydrated, blood viscosity increases, which makes the heart work harder. Alkaline water is loaded with beneficial minerals that promote healthy bones like calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Neutralizing acid is also known to prevent bone loss. read moreContact Ivan

Alkaline For Optimal Health - Diet Facts - The Importance of Eating And Drinking More Alkaline

Diet Facts

An often fast paced lifestyle causes many diets to revolve around cooked and processed foods, as well as bottled and packed beverages. Unfortunately, most of these foods and beverages are acid-based or convert into acid as soon as they are ingested. Diets high in vegetables and low sugar fruits are alkaline-based and provide a wide array of essential minerals and nutrients. Blended rather than cooked soups are also an excellent way to transition into a more alkaline diet while being easy to digest and very easy to make. Drinking liquids that are higher alkaline is one of the most effective methods for neutralizing acid in your body, cellular hydration, and blood oxygenation. read moreContact Ivan

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