Path to Self-Realization

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Mission & Vision

MISSION: To provide the knowledge of how Self-Realization can be used to accelerate personal and spiritual growth. To help people reveal their destructive patterns, provide the tools to process those patterns and help them achieve greater inner peace and core freedom.

VISION: To help people learn how to process the meaning and lessons from every experience to manifest more positive experiences in their lives. To provide the knowledge of Self-Realization in a manner that helps people master the tools and gain the confidence to help others.

Project Overview

Self-Realization by Ivan Stein - A Beautiful Journey of Self Discovery Through Your Experiences


Self-Realization is a combination of how you see yourself (your self-reflection) and how well you know yourself (your experiential reflection). Through the law of attraction, the world you experience is a direct reflection of your true self. Your experiences are attracted to reveal what you do not yet realize about yourself and the application of universal laws. Every experience opens a window to look at yourself and an opportunity to heal and grow beyond any limited or self-destructive beliefs. With a greater understanding of your experiences, you can become aware of these unconscious behaviors so that you can heal them. Self-realization is a process that enables you to accelerate your growth, heal over your past and attract more positive experiences through a clearer perspective on every experience in your life. read moreContact Ivan

Ivan's Teachings

Ivan’s teachings are founded on some very basic principles of spiritual and conscious evolution. How you express yourself is the sum of your thoughts, words and actions. Your expression then broadcasts through time and space into Divine Intelligence. In response, Divine Intelligence provides experiences that help you grow beyond any limited or self-destructive beliefs. Ivan's teachings on self-realization are designed to help you recognize the meaning in every experience, provide an understanding for why you attracted the experience, and the tools to help you heal any distortions that may have attracted negative or painful experiences. Through his teachings, you will learn how to accelerate your growth by simply paying closer attention to your experiences and understanding how to process there meanings. read moreContact Ivan

Self-Realization by Ivan Stein - Access The Media on Ivan's Work That Fits Your Lifestyle

Books, DVD's and CD's

Every teacher expresses their understanding and material in their own unique way. Ivan is known for teaching in a way that is easy to follow, understand and apply in your every day life. He basically provides a road map of your spiritual journey with sign posts on what to look for along the way. Others have stated that “Ivan’s teachings have cleared the confusion from years of personal development work”. To provide his knowledge and wisdom to more people, Ivan has published his spiritual teachings on DVD and CD with a book forthcoming. His work has received support from people around the world with countless comments of appreciation from those who have experienced noticeable shifts by applying these teachings. Ivan continues to develop new works that will be posted and offered as they become available. read moreContact Ivan

Personal Counseling with Ivan Stein - Guiding You Through Life Challenges

Counseling Services

Ivan’s understanding that every experience contains a message that you have been waiting for allows him to see beyond your immediate challenge and into the patterns that caused you to attract it. Once the pattern is revealed, Ivan provides techniques and perspectives to help you process through your challenge. With over 20 years of experience as a personal counselor and life coach, Ivan has gained the ability to quickly identify the root cause for why you have attracted your experiences and why your efforts may not have manifesting the result you hoped. His work is credited for shifting clients through life long and repetitive challenges. read moreContact Ivan

Self-Realization by Ivan Stein - The Seminar That Can Help You Accelerate Your Personal Growth

Self-Realization Seminars

One of Ivan’s greatest gifts is his ability to help others learn how to teach themselves. In his Self-Realization seminars, Ivan lays out everything that someone needs to understand the principles of manifestation and techniques that are easy to apply to learn the meaning in every experience. Yes, reinforcement and reminders for these techniques is necessary for everyone until they are practiced and become the new conscious program. Once practiced and perfected, you will realize the meaning for all of your own experiences. The ability to learn, grow and accelerate as you choose is the greatest gift that anyone could ever give yourself. read moreContact Ivan

Self-Realization by Ivan Stein - Enjoy One of Ivan's FREE Introduction Workshops

Introductory Workshops

In an effort to introduce more people to the techniques of Self-Realization, Ivan provides Free Introductory Workshops. These workshops are routinely available in Ivan’s local city of Sarasota, Florida and also available when he travels to give seminars in other cities. These workshops provide a no risk opportunity to meet and get a feel for Ivan’s personality, knowledge and wisdom. They also enable you to invite others who you feel might benefit from his teachings, counseling or seminars. These workshops are designed to be fun and entertained for all who attend. read moreContact Ivan

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