Project TriStar
Conscious Sustainable Community

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Mission & Vision

MISSION: To create off-the-grid, eco-friendly, sustainable, and conscious communities that provide a safe and harmonious lifestyle for those who choose to live their lives based on natural and universal laws. To create a community model that is both revolutionary and evolutionary in the world of long-term sustainability.

VISION: To help people imagine the possibilities and realize the potentials for creating sustainable communities that will sur-thrive through and beyond the coming changes to our planet and society. To provide templates for practical and cost effective solutions to sustainable community development.

Project Overview

Project TriStar - Lifestyle - Living in Harmony With Natural And Universal Laws


To Project TriStar, the term "lifestyle" means much more than simply living and working in a community environment. It means having an enthusiasm for life and the way in which people interact, support, and nurture themselves and each other in everything they do. This translates into an understanding that sustainability of the community can only be achieved if you first achieve personal sustainability of the mind, body, and spirit. The community lifestyle is designed to help people achieve continuous growth, healing, and balance both individually and as a whole. Project TriStar is an opportunity and a commitment to live more harmoniously and respectfully with each other and nature while inspiring members to realize their full potential. read more get involved

Project TriStar - Lifestyle - A Model For Sustainable Community Planning And Design


The Project TriStar community has embraced the primary objective of sustainability through an understanding of what it means to live in harmony with the natural laws. This means knowledge of the natural environmental, understanding the needs of the community, conservation of resources, reducing waste, and eliminating toxic byproducts. The community, as a whole, bears the bulk of these responsibilities through its planning, lifestyle, and governance to serve the goals and well being of the individual members and the community while being aligned with the natural laws. read more get involved

Project TriStar - Common Beliefs - A Model For Living in Mutual Respect And Personal Responsibility

Common Beliefs

Project TriStar understands that every action (cause) by every member of the community has a consequence (effect). The most important understanding between each member of the community is taking personal responsibility. This means the thoughts, words, and actions of the individual are their personal responsibility and only they have control over them. Members of the community understand their every action affects themselves and those people around them, their family, friends, and in some way, the entire community and global consciousness. For these reasons, the community is founded on the principles of mutual respect, responsibility, and continuous personal evolution. read more get involved

Project TriStar - Food & Diet - A Model For Sustainable Diet And Food Production

Food and Diet

Project TriStar understands the choice of diet directly affects how healthy community members will be and has determined that a raw vegan diet provides the greatest opportunity for achieving the primary goals of optimal health, long-term sustainability, and food production that is harmonic with natural laws. With an exclusive raw vegan diet, food production involves growing fruits and vegetables along with other plant sources of nutrition such as algae, grains and nuts. The Food Services Committee is responsible for all food production, reserve storage, meal preparation and to ensure the diet meets the nutritional needs of the entire community. read more get involved

Project TriStar - Economic System - A Model For Sustainable Community Without Money, Barter or Trade

Economic Model

The Project TriStar economic model is best described by the term "Compassionate Consumption" which is founded on the principle that members consume only what is necessary to maintain a moderate lifestyle and their services are respected equally to all others. With this model, every member provides their skills without the need for personal or material compensation. This model is about having access to all the essential goods and services without the need to barter, trade, or buy them. Members provide services with the only reward being a sense of personal gratitude and satisfaction that is experienced through service-to-others and commitment to a higher calling. It's about being conscious of selfless actions rather than unconscious of selfish actions. read more get involved

Project TriStar - Leadership - A Model For Sustainable Community Management, Organization And Operation


Project TriStar understands that management and leadership are not talents that can be given to any individual. They must be earned through years of education, experience, and developed natural talent. From there, success is further accented by the character, balance, and integrity of those who are placed in management roles. The leadership model is based on the concept that ideas and solutions flourish when they are discussed and reviewed by a group of like-minded peers. This is a group-based leadership model where community members participate in committees that are responsible to define, implement, and moderate the procedures and operations of the community. Oversight committees provide the overall project direction, coordination and vision. read more get involved

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