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Realms of Reality Radio Show

"Helping People Embrace The Future"

Mission & Vision

MISSION: To create a talk radio show with commentary that challenges the senses, entertains the mind and provides intelligent and insightful views. To present grounded perspectives and real truths on some of the most controversial and current event topics of these times.

VISION: To shift listener consciousness out of the self-serving and media driven agendas that have been programmed and reinforced since our birth and into an awakened state to realize the truth about the physical, spiritual and material world we live in. To provide information that helps people think more independently from agenda driven media.

Project Overview

Ivan Stein Realms of Reality Radio Show Featuring Consciousness Reality

Consciousness Reality

The topic of spirituality may be one of the most controversial for any forum, however, this does not discourage Ivan from discussing the subject head-on. Ivan often says “There are infinite paths that all lead to the same place and everyone must find their own way”. Ivan is a firm believer in the Law of Attraction or in simple terms “to put out that which you wish to receive”. He is known for describing spiritual concepts and practices that help provide clarity, and then gives examples from his personal life along with proven tools and exercises that can shift listeners into a more positive perspective of their experiences. He is also well known for being able to learn the importance of every experience, empowering listeners with the ability to choose how fast they wish to grow. Get Involved

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Ivan Stein Realms of Reality Radio Show Featuring Sustainable Reality

Sustainable Reality

In these shows, Ivan addresses the harsh realities of unsustainable global growth through over population, excessive consumption and over utilization of natural resources, while providing his knowledge on how to become more sustainability through a conscious lifestyle, urban gardening, alternative fuels, off-grid living and more efficient use of shared resources. He offers eye opening perspectives on the importance and imminent need for everyone to become more personally responsible for their consumptive habits along with practical examples of what anyone can do to get started. He provides valuable information on sustainable food, housing, energy, and community building to help listeners make informed decisions about their sustainable objectives. Get Involved

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Ivan Stein Realms of Reality Radio Show Featuring Health Reality

Health Reality

With a global rise in chronic disease and ailments, there is an increasing need for information on how to become and remain healthy. As a meat eater turned vegetarian and now raw vegan, Ivan provides personal experience and a refreshing perspective on the relationship between diet and health. He also understands the relationship between physical ailments, emotional attachments and social conditioning. In these broadcasts, Ivan often dispels health myths that we have come to accept while clarifying how to reduce or eliminate illness and pain through often simple changes in lifestyle and diet. He also explains the biology and chemistry that is essential for understanding why dietary changes can help to achieve and maintain optimal health. Get Involved

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Ivan Stein Realms of Reality Radio Show Featuring Global Change Reality

Global Change Reality

With unusual events occurring around the world today, there is no shortage of news, websites, videos or radio shows seeking to provide explanations. Once again, Ivan provides his unique form of grounded clarity without bias towards commonly accepted propaganda, beliefs or theories. He often provides explanations that are rational, clear, and supported by real facts and data. He is a firm believer that ongoing global changes are accelerating and that some of these changes have very predictable outcomes while others are steeped in mysticism. Ivan holds no punches when it comes to debunking the plethora of rumors and predictions that seem to inundate the underground information highway while providing realistic possibilities for changes in our social, economic, geological and cosmic worlds that may affect all of our lives in the foreseeable future. Get Involved

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