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Life Coaching Services with Ivan Stein - Guiding You To Your Objectives

Life Coaching helps you achieve specific life objectives. The approach is to focus your strengths, values, and mindful awareness into actions that create positive movement in the direction of your choosing. The Life Coach assists you in developing the mindset, skills and direction to overcome obstacles and help you create the desired change.

About My Coaching

As a Life Coach, I bring vast life experiences (60+ yrs) to help you define clear direction in your objectives. This includes 35 years in business with successes and failures, and 30 of those years after opening up spiritually. Through this process, I have started 15 companies, been married and divorced twice, built two homes, and amassed over $1 million dollars by applying my spiritual knowledge to the business world. For more information about my personal and business experience, please read my Biography or my Personal Introduction

Most of all, I know how challenging it can be to gain the knowledge, acquire the skills, and maintain the energy to transform your dreams into reality. Just as patience is a virtue, nothing becomes transformed without taking actions. The key is to realize when the doors are open to move forward (easy), when you are trying to force them open (hard) and how to maximize your efforts so they are working for you rather than against you. Read what other clients say about my services. Client Testimonials

The focus of your coaching experience can be any desired objectives. Our relationship is collaborative and respectful. I will not nag, judge, or insist that you do anything you don’t want to do. Instead, I will ask how you would like to become accountable for your actions to create change and I then provide guidance and reinforcement through the process. Ultimately, I will help you remain focused in your objectives, acquire the knowledge you need and provide the direction that only comes with a lifetime of personal and business experiences.

If you would like to schedule your Initial Session, or if you have any questions about my Life Coaching or Personal Counseling services, please send me a message or give me a call +1 941-993-8087, or join my mailing list to hear about upcoming events and specials. I answer my own e-mail and phone, and will keep your information confidential.

With Infinite Love and Gratitude!

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Session Options & Fees

There are no specific guidelines on how long a coaching relationship should last. My personal feeling is that shorter is better. I actually love when clients develop the ability to move their life forward with less outside support. Absolutely no obligation or strings attached. This is simply a commitment to yourself so, commit for as long as you like.

  • Initial Session: $35.00 $20.00 ($15 discount) (75 minutes). This gives us time to discuss your background and start working on your first objective.

  • Working Sessions: $35.00 (60 minutes). Multiple sessions can be used back-to-back when scheduled in advance.

  • Spot Calls: $10.00 (15 minutes). These are often used for immediate decisions, experience clarification, and accountability questions.

  • Bulk Working Sessions: (60 minutes each). Bulk sessions are non-refundable so, please make sure you are comfortable with my coaching style before purchasing.

5 Sessions:   $30.00 each;   Total=$150   ($25 discount)

10 Sessions:   $25.00 each;   Total=$250   ($100 discount)

  • $20 GIFT VOUCHER with every REFERRAL!   Apply it towards your own session or gift it towards the Initial Session for a friend!

Schedule and Billing


Sessions can be conducted in person, by telephone or by audio and video services such as Skype. The advantages of telephone and Skype include greater flexibility in scheduling, travel, and other time constraints. Session fees remain the same for each option. After our Initial Session, I will send you a "Coaching Agreement". Once signed and returned, we can move forward with other sessions.

Please know that individual needs are honored; we will design a coaching schedule together.

Telephone: 941-993-8087

Skype: IvanWStein

Sessions cannot be transferred to another person. Cancellation Policy is 24 hours in advance from the time of the scheduled appointment.


Session can be purchased using Credit Card or PayPal through a Secure PayPal Connection by clicking on the below links. Payments by Checks or Money Orders should be sent to my Mailing Address. Under certain circumstances, Session payments can be processed through e-mail after the session. Bulk Session packages must be paid in full prior to use.

Purchase Life Coaching Sessions with Ivan

NOTE: Please be aware that the confidentiality of non-encrypted e-mail and cell phone conversations cannot be 100% guaranteed from hackers, scanners, and the like. Also, if you are seeking emergency services, please call 911 or go to your nearest hospital emergency room.